Cleaning at heights

Altitude cleaning services are used when performing tasks that are too dangerous to be part of daily cleaning and maintenance activities. Whatever your cleaning service requirements are in your industry, we know how to meet them and can develop a clear action plan to fully meet your expectations.

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What is cleaning at heights?

For the full effect of cleanliness and efficient functioning of the facility, the tidiness and technical maintenance of façade elements, glazing, advertising and information carriers or ventilation ducts is also necessary. Bearing the above in mind, we have extended our services to also include cleaning at heights using climbing techniques. Orders are carried out by an experienced team of mountaineers, with full and professional equipment and appropriate permits. We are able to undertake effective cleaning and housekeeping in hard-to-reach areas.

Your benefits

Cleaning results

after just one service



Efficiently operating

on-site systems

Ability to provide the service

even in confined spaces, without hindering your daily work


Low noise levels

during works

Selecting the optimum range

of activities and technology used to ensure high standards

What makes us stand out?

  • cost reduction by eliminating or reducing the use of detergents
  • a modern system of window and façade cleaning, also from the ground level
  • performance of cleaning tasks even in hard-to-reach places
  • We provide the service using Mobile Cleaning Groups, which are always available, efficient and respond quickly
  • professionally trained mountaineers with relevant certificates
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