Cleaning escalators 

Escalators are a number one transportation device in such facilities as shopping centres, airports, subway stations or train and bus stations. Making sure they work properly is crucial for customers travelling within those buildings. Regular cleaning and maintenance of escalators helps extend their service life and reduces possible failures due to dirt and debris. Additionally, aesthetic considerations of the places we visit are also important to all of us. It’s definitely much more pleasant to come to a shopping centre where we can move freely on clean and efficient communication routes. 

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What is the cleaning escalator?

We offer a solution that is alternative to the time-consuming process of disassembling the escalator and washing each piece individually, or simple hand washing.

Cleaning work on escalators is done with automated robots that wash both the steps and the risers. The machine has brushes that wash the surface to which they adhere using a small amount of chemical (small since the stairs cannot be flooded as this would result in a risk of damaging them). The machine cleans the escalator step by step. The evaporator, which the robot is equipped with, starts the cleaning cycle depending on how dirty the passage is. For optimal service time, we use machines that wash both surfaces simultaneously. This minimizes the time it takes to complete the service. At the same time, the robots that clean escalators are equipped with additional solutions allowing to remove stones stuck in the steps or sticky rubber.

We offer escalator cleaning services to our customers as a package separate from other cleaning activities performed in public facilities. This allows us to provide flexibility in the service delivery contract.

Your benefits

Quick performance of the service

we do not disrupt the daily cycle of the facility

Favourable pricing conditions

Minimum amount

of wastewater generated



Aesthetic and neat appearance

of moving communication routes



regarding the mode of cooperation



Prolonging the smooth operation of escalators

regular maintenance of the escalator during cleaning results in fewer failures


What makes us stand out?


  • Our service quality is confirmed by the annual Guarantee of Cleanliness and Hygiene Certificate issued by the Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce.
  • While performing the service we use preparations that not only clean but also preserve the escalators.
  • We use safe, innovative washing machines that wash steps and risers simultaneously.
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