DDD services – disinfestation, deratization, disinfection

A comprehensive approach to cleaning facilities is already a standard in most companies. To carry out this type of service, you need the necessary experience and extensive knowledge. With the help of specialized staff we will do our best to increase the safety of your business.

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What is DDD service?

DDD (disinfection, disinfestation, deratization) is a comprehensive range of services that we carry out with the help of specific, specialized techniques, professional devices and proven, effective chemicals. Before we discuss how we perform the service, below we explain what DDD services mean.


Disinfestation is the fight against unwanted insects, more specifically cockroaches, moths, bedbugs, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, hornets and ants. In this process, both adult insects as well as larvae and eggs are destroyed, which requires a professional and experienced team. The methods used in pest control are mainly: physical, mechanical, chemical and biological means of disinfestation.


Deratization aims to get rid of rodents using chemical methods (e.g. poison, food or pheromone baits) and physical methods (live traps and baits).


Disinfection is the disinfection of objects, and in particular places where the greatest amount of bacteria, viruses and fungi accumulate – invisible to the eye and dangerous for the body. This procedure requires appropriate equipment and effective measures. You can read more about disinfection and effective methods here >>


Thanks to our comprehensive DDD service, we ensure the safety of people using the spaces serviced. Let us make you feel safe at work!

Your benefits:

Specialized support units 

Ensured safety of the people on site

Maintaining the sanitary condition of the facility 

Fast response to notification

Available 24/7 

24/7 hotline

What makes us stand out?


  • Over 30 years of experience in the field of professional services for companies.
  • Top-quality equipment that is adapted even to the most difficult cases.
  • Dedicated, detail-oriented specialized staff.
  • Fast and efficient response to the notification.
  • Keeping full system and operational documentation.
  • Comprehensive service: protection, monitoring, technical support, replacement and cleaning of deratization stations.
  • Use of products published in the Register of Biocidal Products.
  • Our DDD service complies with the international standards for monitoring pest control (GMP/GHP, HACCP, IFS – International Food Standard, BRC Food, Occupational Safety and Health) and is provided in an environmentally-friendly manner.
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