Cleaning in hospitals and clinics

We provide cleaning services in healthcare facilities on the basis of detailed guidelines relating to the technology used for cleaning and decontamination of rooms in the medical areas of a given facility. We adapt cleaning devices and manual cleaning equipment to the specific nature of each building, taking into account the type and number of rooms.

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How do we provide professional cleaning services for healthcare facilities?

The service of cleaning healthcare facilities will be provided to you by our dedicated employees, who will not only remove visible dirt, but above all perform comprehensive disinfection of the premises with the use of professional equipment and chemical agents.


As part of our healthcare facility cleaning service, we carry out, among others:

  • cleaning and disinfection of floors in a multiple bucket system, using a one-touch mopping technology (one mop pad per area);
  • cleaning and disinfection of vertical and horizontal surfaces, fixtures and fittings as well as high-touch areas – using a one-touch wiping technology (one cloth per area);
  • disinfection of hard-to-reach surfaces;

We provide cleaning services for:

hospitals, social service institutions, health resorts, clinics and diagnostic facilities.

What makes us stand out?

  • We provide services to nearly 100 hospitals in Poland, and a total of approx. 200 healthcare infrastructure facilities. Thanks to our staff working throughout the country, we can quickly respond to any problems arising in healthcare facilities.
  • We perform our services using certified equipment and hospital-grade chemicals from reputable suppliers.
  • The ISO certification enables us to efficiently develop hygiene plans and select cleaning and disinfecting agents for hospital facilities. We work in accordance with procedures concerning the performance of cleaning activities or the dosage of cleaning agents. We periodically train our employees in order to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological safety of patients and staff at healthcare facilities.

Cooperation in figures:

more than 30,000

hospital beds covered by our services;

nearly 100

hospitals using our services;

over 1 million

tasks performed every month

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Cleaning services - how do we operate?

Cleaning in hospitals

Cleaning in hospitals is a complex process that plays a key role in ensuring the safety of patients and staff. The task of cleaning in a hospital environment is not only to remove visible contaminants, but most importantly to eliminate pathogens that can lead to hospital-acquired infections. Cleaning in hospitals is not just a daily routine, but a strategic component of medical facility management to protect the health and lives of patients and staff.

For cleaning in hospitals, we use specialized cleaning and disinfecting agents that are effective against viruses and bacteria, while being safe for the health of patients and staff. We make sure that cleaning personnel are properly trained in the use of appropriate disinfection methods and personal protective equipment. Cleaning in a hospital must be done systematically and according to guidelines to ensure the highest level of hygiene.

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