Hygiene and cleaning products

We manufacture, supply, and distribute a wide range of cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection products. We own brands of high-quality products at affordable prices. A constant search for market novelties allows us to offer interesting and state-of-the-art substitutes for older technologies.

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What are hygiene and cleanliness products?

We offer a full range of professional chemicals, hygiene products, equipment and devices designed to maintain cleanliness. We provide products for surface disinfection, body disinfection, as well as automatic soap dispensers. Being aware of the changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, we also offer products for electrostatic disinfection. We provide petrol stations with office supplies, such as cash register rolls, printer ribbons, toners, paper, etc.

Your benefits

Access to various

products, including own brands of quality merchandise at affordable prices, considering price and quality


Periodic review of plans

for hygiene – ongoing audits and staff training


Customized care

thanks to a dedicated advisor

Specialized training

for your staff on the practical use of cleaning and hygiene products



Flexibility in selecting

the range of products supplied


On-time delivery

monitoring of agreed delivery dates and completeness of deliveries

Containment of costs

related to the storage and administration of the logistics process



Implementation of plans for maintaining

cleanliness and hygiene, as well as continuous monitoring of cleanliness levels


Optimization of the supply area

delivering multiple products in one shipment

What makes us stand out?

  • more than 30 years of experience on the market
  • 6000 assortment indexes
  • 1500 customers served per month
  • 200 distributors
  • delivery in up to 48H
  • own brand products – CleanPRO
  • constant search for market novelties, allowing us to offer interesting and state-of-the-art substitutes
  • cooperation with the best and largest manufacturers of hygiene products and cleaning agents
  • developing analyses of consumption statistics to help manage your hygiene budget and check the effectiveness of the solutions used
  • support for chain customers with dispersed locations
  • 2 high-storage warehouses
  • e-commerce service system
  • SAP and WMS
  • chain of local branches – always close to you
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