Maintaining outdoor areas

Outdoor areas at public facilities require the same attention as indoor spaces and premises. In addition to traditional cleaning services, we also provide outdoor cleaning services – these are the outdoor areas that make the first impression on customers visiting the facility.

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What is maintaining outdoor areas?

Clean surroundings of a property are essential to ensuring a professional image – tidy premises are what stays in the customer’s mind and influences people’s opinion of your company. In spring and summer, our activities related to outdoor cleaning and maintenance are mainly focused on greenery: watering lawns and flower beds, trimming shrubs and hedges, removing weeds. Of course, this also includes regular lawn mowing around the property, as well as raking and disposing of grass clippings.

During autumn and winter, outdoor cleaning activities require more effort and better equipment. As in the summer, cleaning roads, sidewalks and parking lots includes sweeping, removing dust and debris. In addition, the mud on the surface needs to be cleaned up and the leaves need to be raked and taken away.

The most demanding service is the so-called “winter campaign” which is usually part of outdoor maintenance services. Winter maintenance primarily includes snow removal from roads, pavements, crosswalks, squares, and de-icing by sprinkling ice-melting granules on surfaces.

Your benefits

Ensuring a neat appearance

around your facility all year round to make its every part presentable

Mould and dirt can permanently damage

exterior surfaces, so pressure washing will help you spend much less on repairs over time

Regular cleaning works

in outdoor areas not only to improve the appearance of your facility, but also to help maintain the overall value of the building

Service tailored to the specificity

and needs of the customer, provided according to the agreed work schedule.


What makes us stand out?

  • We are constantly developing our service based on our own technology department and experienced practitioners who work there.
  • We ensure a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in an environmentally- and people-friendly way.
  • The standards we have developed over the years and our computer management system allow us to control and monitor the work of our cleaning groups.
  • We ensure constant availability of staff at your facility, without worrying about any personnel shortages due to random reasons.
  • We provide certain services using Mobile Cleaning Groups, which are always available, efficient and respond quickly in an emergency. These units with comprehensive capabilities specialize in extensive cleaning services anywhere, anytime and to any extent.
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