Washing linen

Impeccably clean sheets and ensuring enough linen sets on hand are vital when running a guest service business, as well as in hospitals, where cleanliness and hygiene are at the highest level. To meet the sanitary and quality requirements, our activities are based on individual needs of each facility. Whether you are looking for weekly or monthly laundry, we can provide a service schedule that fits your expectations.

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What is washing linen?

Linen is washed in laundry facilities that meet the sanitary requirements for a hygienic barrier separating the “dirty” side of the laundry room from the “clean” side, and meets all the requirements in terms of professionalism and sanitation. It provides a guarantee and quality of service thanks to professionally equipped laundry facilities with complete and modern washing and ironing equipment.

Our technology doesn’t cause any premature wear to bedding fabrics and towels, thus extending their life. This effect is also enhanced by appropriately selected washing and disinfecting agents used in the washing process.

The final selection of washing agents, washing technology and finishing method depends on the type of linen, soiling and individual requirements.

Your benefits

Performance of service

with the highest quality and hygiene standards

Choosing the right

washing agents and washing technologies


washing, delivery and pickup schedule


Relieving your business

from the need to perform all activities related to the provision of clean linen

Possibility of labelling

(branding) of linen


What makes us stand out?

  • We manage our own laundry facilities
  • We support the service with an integrated garment management system
  • 24/7 contact and coordination of the process
  • We reduce the adverse environmental impact by using biologically safe cleaning products and implementing certified management systems


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